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Managing Latex Allergies in Healthcare Workers and Patients

The key to managing latex allergies and other adverse glove reactions in healthcare professionals and patients lies in correct recognition and appropriate action.

Establishing latex free and/ or powder free policies and procedures, including standard questionnaires and reporting procedures for both staff and patients, are important preventative measures that can reduce the risk of adverse glove reactions.3

Also critical is the provision of latex free gloves and chemical accelerator free gloves for staff suffering from allergies or sensitivities or caring for patients with allergies.

Ansell’s Allergy & Sensitivity Management Program

Allergic contact dermatitis is preventable.

Ansell’s Allergy & Sensitivity Management Guide can help eliminate the unnecessary pain, inconvenience and embarrassment associated with allergies and sensitivities in the workplace, whilst protecting your facility’s bottom line.

For a comprehensive guide to how to effectively manage allergies and sensitivities in healthcare workers and patients,
download a copy of Ansell’s Allergy & Sensitivity Management Guide.

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Ansell has developed a specialised range of latex free gloves and chemical accelerator free gloves for allergy sufferers.
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