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A cost-effective way of managing latex allergy.

  • Nitrile puncture resistance is superior to latex and other dental glove films, but is not as flexible as natural rubber latex or neoprene.
  • Ideal for high strength tasks and chemical resistance, specially against many harsh solvents.
  • Usually conforms to the shape of the wearer after a few minutes, providing improved comfort and fit.
  • Users tend to choose a larger size because the fit is slightly tighter/ less elastic than latex dental gloves.

Ansell Micro-Touch® Denta-Glove® White Nitrile: Latex-free, Powder free, nitrile, dental examination gloves especially textured for excellent dry and wet grip, with beaded cuff. Designed for Dentists and dental practitioners suffering from latex allergies and sensitivities. Five sizes available: XS to XL.

Ansell Micro-Touch® NitraFree: Latex-free, Powder free and accelerator free, nitrile examination gloves, for those with latex allergies, contact dermatitis and chemical allergies and sensitivities. Four sizes available: S to XL.