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InTouch Clinical Update is an Ansell Cares continuing education monograph for health care professionals with an interest in health care worker and patient safety in the clinical setting.


New SMART Pack for the Busy Workplace

Learn more about our new generation packaging that has a host of user-friendly features designed to fit how you work.

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Ansell CARES™ In-Service Presentations

Our representatives can visit your workplace and provide your team with a presentation on some key areas currently affecting healthcare workers.

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Looking for the best practice information?

Visit the Ansell Medical Resource Centre for up-to-date information and best practice in hand protection for the healthcare industry.

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Do you suffer from a latex allergy or sensitivity?

View Ansell’s range of surgical and examination gloves suitable for sufferers of latex allergies and chemical sensitivities.

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OPERATING ROOM SAFETY: How safe are O.R. teams?

Find out what the potential ergonomics, sharps and never event risks you or your patients could potentially be exposed to in the operating room. Download white papers.

Welcome to the AnsellCares website, a leading resource on hand protection solutions for the healthcare industry.

AnsellCares has been created to provide healthcare workers with up to date knowledge, practical information and best practice about medical gloves and hand protection solutions.

Ansell is a market leader in the design, development and manufacture of medical gloves for the healthcare industry, including GPs & Day Surgeries , Hospitals , Dentists and other healthcare professionals. Innovation lies at the heart of the Ansell business and as a consequence Ansell’s surgical and examination gloves set the standard in comfort, sensitivity and dexterity.

Increasing demand for high quality products in the healthcare barrier protection market and heightened concern surrounding the prevention of allergies have made the development and production of medical gloves a specialist area. Ansell has the broadest range of surgical gloves and examination gloves available in the market, and our brand is synonymous with premium quality, optimal protection and superior comfort.

AnsellCares has been created to complement Ansell’s extensive range of surgical gloves and examination gloves. Ansell Medical brings together Ansell’s broad ranging expertise in the development and manufacture of quality medical gloves and extensive knowledge of healthcare industry’s requirements to create a unique resource for our customers.

With information and resources covering everything from allergies and sensitivities to radiation protection best practice, Ansell Medical is the only dedicated resource designed specifically for healthcare professionals.

AnsellCares comprehensive range of resources and information has been designed to support healthcare workers across a broad range of industries and applications. AnsellCaresalso features dedicated content for allergy sufferers including:

Glove allergy advice and support
Natural rubber latex free / latex free gloves
Non latex gloves and synthetic glove alternatives, including nitrile gloves
Chemical accelerator free gloves / chemical free gloves

Whether you work in a hospital, laboratory or a Day Surgery, or as a dentist, GP or vet, Ansell Medical provides useful information, advice and best practice to ensure that when you wear Ansell medical gloves, the only thing you will need to worry about is your technique.